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One to One Nutrition Consultation

A 45 minute personal consultation to help understand and establish what your objectives are and what we can do to help achieve them. This will incorporate and involve understanding your current eating patterns and laying out a sustainable, practical approach to nutrition and eating in order to help you achieve your goals.

Online Consultation: £15.00
Face to Face Consultation: £20.00

Affordable Strength & Conditioning Circuits 

£5.00 for 45 minute session - 6 places per class

When the government will allow group fitness classes to take place again which is expected around mid May, I am looking to run Strength & Conditioning Circuits for groups of 6 people for 45 minutes at a cost of £5 per session as a more affordable option for those looking to get fit, stay fit, lose weight/fat, increase strength, whatever your goal may be. This is great way for you  and a group of friends or family members to get fit or simply meet like-minded people and motivate each other. 

Payment terms:
£5 for a one off class, thereafter block bookings and payment will be taken for a minimum of 6 sessions to secure your place. 

Please contact me if this is something you would be interested in, places are capped at 6 per class so are limited. There will be afternoon classes and evening classes but classes will only run if full.

Online Personal Training sessions

Specialised programming tailored to help you achieve your goals incorporating any equipment you have and using body weight movements.

Fee: £20.00 per hourly session.

One to One Personal Training Session

Specialised programming tailored to help you achieve your goals using mainly weights and specialised equipment. These sessions are currently being carried out in my private garden which my private gym facility opens out onto, allowing for the equipment to be moved and used outdoors to adhere to Covid guidelines. The training will be moved into my fully equipped private gym facility once Covid Guidelines allow for this. Such sessions can also be carried out in public parks or in the privacy of your garden.

PT Session at The Garage Gym location: £25.00 per hour  
PT Session at your location: £30.00 per hour

Small Group Personal Training Session 

If you prefer to train with someone such as a partner or friend, I offer small group personal training sessions with programming tailored to help each person achieve their goals. These sessions will be carried out in my fully equipped private gym facility.

2 Person Small Group PT Session: £35.00 per hour   
3 Person Small Group PT Session: £45.00 per hour  

Tel: 07702 508260
Tel: 07702 508260

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